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Soothe The Sore Spots With

Problem Salver Brand
Problem Salver Branding


Since 2013, Problem Salver® has been bringing relief to those in need of reliable topical relief. Formulated specifically for cancer patients dealing with deep bone pain, Problem Salver, has organically reached the hands and comforted the aches of thousands.


Founded by an adept herbalist, and strengthened by tried and tested  healing oils, essential oils, and herbal blends- "PROBLEM SALVER®" came to be after a 5 year phasing period.


The final formulation has been composed of ingredients that have been reported to assist with the symptoms associated with skin disorders, arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and more. 


Problem Salver™ continues to be a top choice for those in need of effective topical relief. 

Our Ingredients are
Responsibly Sourced 
and certified organic.



What is
Problem Salver®?

Problem Salver®  is an all-natural topical remedy designed to provide relief for a variety of common ailments, including pain, inflammation, and skin disorders. It's formulated with carefully selected herbs and ingredients known for their therapeutic properties.

What Problems Does PS Salve?

Conditions Problem Salver® assists with as reported by verified customers:

Age Spots





Athletic Injury & Recovery

Bed Sores

Chronic Pain

Cold And Flu Symptoms


Diabetic Nerve Pain



Menstrual Pain




Sciatic Nerve Pain

Various Skin Disorders

& more!

How Does PS WORK?

Problem Salver® works by  calming nerves in the body through a combination of natural ingredients intentionally selected for their soothing properties. 

Our composition Includes herbs and healing oils that offer:

Anti Inflammatory Effects

Analgesic Properties

Relaxing Nervines

Skin Protectants

Mind-Body Connection via our essential oil blend.


These attributes may  help reduce inflammation, alleviate pain/anxiety, soothe nerves, and promote healing, depending on the condition being treated.

Can Problem Salver be used with other medications?

While Problem Salver® is generally safe for topical use, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using it alongside other medications or treatments.

CAUTION: For External Use Only. Avoid Contact with Eyes. Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets.

WARNING: Do Not Use on Broken Skin. Not Recommended for Use on Sensitive Areas.

Consult a healthcare professional before use if pregnant, nursing, or under medical supervision. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from heat and flame.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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"The Problem Salver has been a blessing to me. If you only knew what a blessing it is... I've tried everything for the cancer pain...the ointment you make is truly a blessing. Thank you for making my pain less."

-Suzie Diaz, San Bernardino Ca. Verified Customer

"My seven year old daughter, Pauline, was diagnosed with DIPG less than two years ago, and The Problem Salver, Liv's CBD Topical, was all she asked for to manage the pain in her body. It helped enormously, and we started calling it "Pauline's Cream" Princess Pauline passed away on March 17, 2019. She requested "her cream" until she could no longer speak."

-Tasha Jackson. Mother of Pauline Jackson, DIPG Warrior

"Once applied I instantly felt relief just massaging the oil into the sore areas of my foot. It felt relaxing and instantly soothed the hypersensitive nerve sensation. After about 30 minutes, a left foot that was once so swollen my cute giraffe sock left a not so cute giraffe indention from the middle of my leg to my toes, was now starting to slowly disappear. Not only did the swelling go down to match its normal right foot brother, the pain, both nerve and bone, had gone from a level 9 to a manageable level 4. Trust me when I say when you live in a pain level of 8 the majority of your waking life, anything that can give this relief without also affecting other organs is a win!

-Jakki Hernandez, Edibles Magazine 














Problem Salver isn't just another balm. It doesn't burn- it has an awesome cooling  effect- and a pleasant fragrance. I use it for insomnia and anxiety. The aromatherapy properties are well pronounce. I love Problem Salver. 

H. Sanchez, Verified Customer

"The Problem Salver Balm, is a magical substance. It's soothed my neck pain/headache I've suffered several years, dismissing as arthritis that I'd have to live with. I even purchased a pillow supposedly designed to relieve neck pain. Ha! Of course it didn't work. I also have applied it to the upper bottom of my left foot that has a tendency to feel numb. It minimizes and soothes the numbness. I've applied it to my lower back that once periodically ached. Gone! I've applied it to my upper left arm that ached. Gone! Thank you so much for the fruits of your labor."

Carmelia Clincy, Verified Customer


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